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IMSA application

digital tool for business advancement

IMSA application enables managing documentation and processes requested by ISO standards.

There are 199 applications. Why IMSA?

  • Because all of ISO standards system processes and requests are included. It can be applied to the entire organization regardless of the economic activity.

Why digitalize your business?

  • There are no more files, costs such as procurement of paper, printers and toners.
  • Documentation safety (in case of warehouse floods, fires or data loss)
  • Environmental responsibility

How much time do you spend in employees’ education?

  • IMSA is created to save employees’ time because documentation, system processes, and notifications are clearly defined according to deadlines - they are also received by e-mail and they are helpful to process managers to perform their tasks in an efficient way – with no errors and delays.

If I have IMSA application, do I need some consulting services?

  • By using IMSA application, costs of consulting are significantly lower, or in some cases they are eliminated, because IMSA application provides regular updates and adjustments according to new versions of ISO standards.

Why is it better to subscribe to IMSA instead of buying it?

  • You can cancel it at any moment.
  • Savings in IT support - regular updates and adjustments are included in the price – so, there are no additional costs later.

Is my information safe?

  • YES. The only owner of data is you. Our IT support only covers application segments, not the content.

Does IMSA have a flaw?

  • YES. It will make your business much easier, so it will “spoil“ you slightly.

IMSA application has been created in cooperation with domestic and foreign experts in consulting and standardization area and it is designed according to ISO standards requests and processes.

To whom is it intended?

  • For those who want to improve their management system.
  • For organizations that already have implemented ISO standards.
  • For organizations that should implement ISO standard – IMSA application enables them to take the implementation process easy, fast and without engaging consulting agencies.

Benefits of using the application are:

  • Systematic risk management
  • Centralized and systematic monitoring of goals, as well as their level of achievement
  • Clear monitoring of stakeholders’ needs and requirements
  • Simplified performance monitoring and assessment of deliverers
  • Significantly accelerated and simplified review process by the management
  • Improved process of managing reclamations
  • Modernized planning and organizing internal checks
  • Updating used documentation
  • Lowering risk of losing / suspension of certificates
  • 24/7 access from any computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone with an Internet connection


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 27001
ISO 45001

NOTE: According to the request, IMSA may be created for ISO standard you need.

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